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Enjoy a smooth rollout of the easiest-to-use solution for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which will be replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), and other Free Trade Agreements (FTA). Automate your production of certificates, vendor and supplier solicitation, and tracking of products’ NAFTA/FTA eligibility status. Visual NAFTApowerful, economical, and user-friendly.

Visual NAFTA helps you realize your ultimate Trade Agreement goals: to be competitive in your industry, while staying customs compliant! As the only reason to use NAFTA and other FTAs is to either minimize your company’s overall import duty outlay or fulfill your export and customer certificate obligations, why not take advantage of a solution that is cost-effective, simple to use, centralized, and easy to roll-out? Our NAFTA and Trade Agreement management solution is all of that—with minimal training and no strain on your IT resources, Visual NAFTA can be up and running in days.

Easy Activation for Visual NAFTA

Go Live In Days

Visual NAFTA requires minimal setup, so you can have a NAFTA compliance program that can be rolled out and up and running in days.


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Simplified Solicitation

Manage your certificate solicitation process, from emails to response tracking. Visual NAFTA makes it virtually painless and seamless.


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Easy Import Certificate Management

Enjoy import certificate and data management in a centralized system, not in an array of spreadsheets.


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Fulfill Export and Customer NAFTA and FTA Obligations

Satisfy your export and customer NAFTA and FTA certificate obligation needs with ease with Visual NAFTA.

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Centralized, Accurate Product Classification

Centralize and control your multi-country HTS codes to help ensure accurate product classification and duty relief eligibility.

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Automated NAFTA Qualification

Assess your products for preferential duties and maximize your duty reductions and cost savings.


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Simple Data Integration

Utilize Visual NAFTA’s simplified business system and spreadsheet data integration functionality for seamless workflows.


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Additional Free Trade Agreements

Visual NAFTA can also help manage your other free trade agreement certificate and compliance needs.


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The United States-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA) is set to replace NAFTA. Once it's ratified by the three respective governments, the changes brought about in the new agreement will begin to be enforced.  
Visual NAFTA helps you leverage NAFTA and other free trade agreements, providing your business with up to 200% in savings via reductions and excisions in duties, tariffs, and Manufacturers’ Processing Fees (MPF). Be "compliance confident" with our solutions' many features, such as built-in compliance capabilities, centralized import certificate data management, export certificates creation for eligible products, NAFTA qualification of your Bills of Material (BOM), and validated HTS classification, among others key functions. Visual NAFTA also makes your processes easier by simplifying your vendor and supplier solicitation, and your blanket and individual certificate creation—both on demand, or as part of your annual renewal.