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About Us

Visual NAFTA, an easy to deploy and economical NAFTA compliance solution—powered by eCustoms.

Visual NAFTA is key part of a larger cross-border trade import, export, and screening compliance suite of products. This suite is powered by eCustoms—a pioneer and leader in delivering powerful yet cost effective solutions for close to 40 years.

Similar to our solutions that have been successfully deployed to thousands of companies worldwide, Visual NAFTA is our integrated NAFTA and FTA compliance solution for simplified compliance and certificate management.

Ever since it was founded in 1981, eCustoms has been on the forefront of using technology to navigate the ever increasing intricacies and nuances of international trade. This has resulted in the creation of eCustoms’ automated solutions for export, trade, government regulatory, and financial compliance. These solutions have allowed organizations and entities around the world to stay abreast of a dynamic and evolving regulatory landscape, and conduct business on a global scale with greater ease. We pride ourselves with taking on the complexities and burdens of industry challenges into our applications, to help relieve the user community from manual efforts where possible and make compliance a somewhat easier process to manage.

The secret to our continuing success has been our emphasis on delivering powerful solutions that remain easy to deploy, use, and understand. Our solutions are inherently intuitive, and require minimal training to use.

Our customers swear by how powerful and effective our offerings are. We are able to consistently deliver extensive solutions because of our deep technical prowess and thorough industry knowledge, formed by experience spanning almost four decades. Our knowledge has enabled us to adapt to the shifting and progressively more complex regulatory landscape, which means our clients stay with us for the long term. In fact, some of our very first customers are still with us.

These customers stay with us not just because of the effectiveness of our product—though that certainly helps—but also because of our industry defining customer service. All of our customer service is done in house, with each of our clients getting a dedicated customer service representative, located within North America, there to assist them at any time with any problems or questions they may have. This emphasis on customer service has enabled us to retain a large client base, which in turn has enabled us to remain a stable corporation, with none of the turbulence so many other organizations have suffered.

While Visual NAFTA is a wide ranging offering from us, there is so much more to eCustoms. We invite you to get to know us by visiting

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