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VISUAL NAFTA: your one stop solution for all your NAFTA related needs.

Make your import and export certificate process easy for both users and managers. Be “compliance confident” with Visual NAFTA while simplifying your vendor and supplier solicitation, lowering your duties and generating blanket, one-off or shipment certificates


NAFTA software shouldn’t have to take weeks, months, or years to set up. It certainly shouldn’t need the immense internal IT resources that companies have come to expect from a typical system implementation.

Visual NAFTA was designed to be extremely easy to roll-out, where start to finish is measured in days! We do all the setup on our end, provide the necessary user credentials, training, and ongoing Customer Service and support as needed. Also, with our uncomplicated business system and Excel integration methodology, you can capitalize on existing business data with minimal effort and time.

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Arguably the most daunting and unpleasant part of the NAFTA compliance process is having to request, chase, and gather all of your vendor and supplier certificates of origin in order to rightly claim your NAFTA and FTA duty relief eligibility.

We’ve heard you—so we’ve simplified the solicitation process for you! Our Visual NAFTA solution gives you a better overview, and more control of your solicitation process and progress, enabling you to keep better track of who you’ve requested certificates from, who have responded, and how many times you’ve asked. Once you’ve received your response, our automated one-click conversion feature makes the updating of your vendor product data quick and seamless, to reduce the time and effort to manually key in data.

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NAFTA and FTA compliance brings with it incredible cost savings, but it also brings the headache of a lot of paperwork, time, and effort. Handling a multitude of certificates, tracking and updating FTA statuses for each of your products, and keeping data secure yet accessible to others in your company are just a few of the time consuming activities the compliance process entails.

With Visual NAFTA, it doesn’t have to be that way. Manage your NAFTA and FTA certificate and data in one centralized hub, and say goodbye to working with disparate spreadsheets.

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If you are required to produce a certificate of origin for your exports or for your domestic customer shipments, the process can be a chore. Visual NAFTA is a powerful NAFTA and FTA compliance system which lets you easily click and pick products to create your annual blankets, one-offs, or shipment and export-related certificates—for both internal or external requests.

With Visual NAFTA’s assistance, you can focus more on being a time efficient and competitive supplier to your clients without being burdened with tons of work.

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In order to leverage NAFTA and other FTAs, you obviously need HTS Classifications for your products. Classification is at the heart of your compliance—so the classifications need to be valid as well. Without correct classification, you can’t be compliant.

Visual NAFTA helps simplify this for you with our centralized item master, where you can store your multi-country import and export classification codes, share these codes with other departments, divisions, plants, locations in your company, and have our solution check if codes are still valid for US, Canada, Mexico, and EU.

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Does your product qualify for NAFTA? Are you eligible for the duty cuts that a NAFTA certifiable product brings?

With Visual NAFTA’s Qualifier, you can assess your products’ Bills of Material for preferential duties, getting a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer for whether or not they qualify. Using NAFTA eligibility rules, our Qualifier will also detail for you what does and doesn’t qualify, and why. You don’t have to waste time or resources on trying to figure out if you could be getting duty savings—Visual NAFTA can do it for you. Enjoy the benefits of reduced duty costs, or pass them on to your customers.

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Visual NAFTA is a web-based solution, which can also easily and seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP and business systems, including Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Microsoft Dynamics, various WMS solutions, legacy systems, and more.

Visual NAFTA’s integration methodology is quick and intuitive to implement, can be done within days, and requires very little time from your internal resources. No ERP interface? No problem. Interfacing with spreadsheets is also a viable option with our built-in Excel import and export features.

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Visual NAFTA goes above and beyond its name. It includes the same solicitation and tracking, item master storage, and certificate creation tools that it does for NAFTA for many other eligible Free Trade Agreements, including U.S. – Chile, U.S. – Caribbean, U.S. – Australia, U.S. – Korea, and many more bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements from around the world.

Visual NAFTA makes managing and handling additional FTAs  just as easy, ensuring that the process is straightforward and simplified, and leading to maximum cost savings, even if you multi-source your products

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