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Additional Free Trade Agreements

Visual NAFTA helps deliver Free Trade Agreement compliance beyond NAFTA.

Manage a variety of other Free Trade Agreements with Visual NAFTA, from solicitation, production, and tracking, to more.

Trading beyond North America? No problem! Visual NAFTA easily handles your compliance and process needs for trade with other countries falling under other free trade agreements.

Visual NAFTA can still simplify solicitation and perform easy import management for free trade agreements such as U.S.- Chile, U.S.- Caribbean, U.S.- Australia, U.S.- Korea, U.S.- Israel, and more. Fulfill your export/client certificate obligations for blanket or single requests/shipments, utilize the same HTS product database for classification and record free trade agreement eligibility details with Visual NAFTA—regardless of which free trade agreement regime you fall under.

Visual NAFTA delivers the same streamlined management and workflow for other free trade agreements as it does for NAFTA, helping you ensure maximum compliance and cost savings.

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