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Simple Data Integration

Achieve compliance without having to leave the comforts of your existing business systems and trade workflows.

Visual NAFTA integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems, various ERPs, trade workflows, and third party solutions.

Visual NAFTA is flexible in its user, site, and divisional deployment, as well as its data and supply-chain integration.

Seamless Integration methodologies: For companies with the volume where integration makes sense, you can have Visual NAFTA integrate seamlessly with your existing ERPs and workflows, such as Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Netsuite, Oracle, SAP, and more. Executed using our simplified mapping schemas, your IT time and involvement is dramatically reduced in comparison to the classic and daunting experiences of other solution integrations. We pride ourselves on quick and easy deployments, and data integration is no exception.

Spreadsheets anyone? But if you don’t need full fledged integration—if you are changing ERP systems, or at a disparate location without automation or IT resource availability, or are simply a smaller operation—Visual NAFTA was also designed to easily incorporate Excel-based spreadsheets. After that, management of your NAFTA and FTA workflow changes to a systemized, automated, and secure working environment in Visual NAFTA.

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