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Fulfill Export and Client Certificate Obligations

Fulfill exporting obligations and honor client requests with a streamlined tool that can help produce and track NAFTA certificates of origin.

Whether you need them for exporting or for client requests, Visual NAFTA will cut the time and manual effort involved in producing your NAFTA and FTA certificates of origin.

Blanket and One-Off Certificates: Our NAFTA and FTA solution has been designed to allow for the creation of blanket annual certificates, as well as one-offs for individual internal or external requests, which will help fulfill contractual obligations. By providing valid certificates, Visual NAFTA supports your endeavors to be a more competitive supplier to your clients by helping them reduce import duties on your products. For more complex operations, Visual NAFTA’s capabilities allow you to provide your other manufacturing facilities with your part of the “FTA puzzle” for your originating components.

Certificates at the Shipment level: We have also incorporated the production of NAFTA and other FTA certificates at the shipment level in our companion product Visual Exporter, so that a certificate will accompany a product each and every time it’s shipped—whether for a domestic or an international transaction.

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