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Go Live In Days

Go live in days with an extremely easy to deploy solution that requires minimal IT resources from your end.

Visual NAFTA is extremely easy to deploy and requires no IT time—go live in days with an uncomplicated and compliant NAFTA and FTA solution.

Typically, the top two deterrents to putting a system in place to help your workforce are:

  1. The classic “anticipated headaches” associated with rolling out a new solution, and;
  2. A lack of client IT resource time/availability

But that’s NOT what Visual NAFTA is about!

We’ve worked very hard to BUST THE MYTH that systems have to be complicated and time consuming to implement.

The start to finish time is measured in days—not weeks, months, or even years, as with other providers or systems. We do everything—from secure user and system setup, to familiarity training and ongoing customer service and support as needed. We will even preload your data. We can quickly deploy for a handful of users, or single site, and easily expand to other plants, locations, or divisions for a greater NAFTA and FTA management and process control.

No IT time required—since we do all the setup, we don’t chew up any of your internal IT resources. Typically IT is only engaged when the client sees a benefit to ERP integration. Even then, however, the process is speedy. Our interface schemas are also simple to execute and understand. Plus, we can easily handle multiple feeds from other divisions and ERP solutions so you can still manage the entire process all “under one roof”.

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