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Use Visual NAFTA's Qualifier and assess your product for preferential duties and tariffs, achieving maximum cost savings.

Assess your product for preferential duties with Visual NAFTA’s Qualifier.

Does your product qualify for NAFTA preferential tariffs? Are you eligible for duty cuts? Are your products or the products you import covered by and eligible for free trade status under the rules of origin and regulations of the North American Free Trade agreement (NAFTA)? These are the burdensome questions that a lot of companies struggle with.

Visual NAFTA’s Qualifier is an online service which can help you automate the way you determine the qualification of your finished goods under the required NAFTA rules of origin. By using your rated Bills of Material (BOM), including those for complex finished products and multi-level BOMs, we can intelligently give you a simple “yes” or “no” answer regarding whether your product qualifies. The assessment is then accompanied by a report of the corresponding detailed findings for review, so you can see the audit trail for your result.

With Visual NAFTA, share this information with other business or ERP systems, or store this qualification eligibility status and other details in Visual NAFTA’s product master.

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