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Centralized and Accurate Product Classification

Save duty costs and maximize your profits and revenues with Visual NAFTA.

NAFTA and other FTAs can lead to saving duty costs to maximize your profits, but it also means you need accurate HTS Tariff classifications to be compliant. That’s where Visual NAFTA comes in.

The only reason companies employ the use of NAFTA and other free trade agreements in their operations is to reduce or eliminate import duties, or to reduce or eliminate duty on their products for their clients and others further down the supply chain.

Burden of Compliance: With the use of NAFTA and other FTA certificates comes the liability and responsibility of compliance, and a key factor is accurate and valid Tariff Classification (HTS) codes. If HTS codes are wrong, your certificates are wrong—which means you have a serious compliance issue.

Classification at the heart of compliance: At the core of Visual NAFTA is our centralized multi-country classification database, which allows you to securely store your product’s attributes, including its HTS classification codes. This centralized environment also means this data can be controlled by authorized personnel, but easily shared, reported on, and accessed by multiple parties and/or divisions in your organization.  Visual NAFTA also uses this information on your NAFTA and additional FTA certificates to ensure you’re using your vetted and controlled database each and every time—giving you “compliance confidence.”

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