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Easy Activation

Activation of Visual NAFTA is quick and painless—it's as easy as 1-2-3!

You’re subscribing to our costs-saving and FTA compliance solution to save yourself headaches and labor. Thanks to our extensive years of experience of rolling out cross-border trade solutions, implementation of our Visual NAFTA system is by design headache free!

Activating Visual NAFTA is as easy as 1-2-3! The three step process to activating your Visual NAFTA solution:

1. Contact us to subscribe to Visual NAFTA.

2. We set you up with your web based Visual NAFTA solution.

3. You log in with your own secure user ID and password and get started!

Once you have subscribed to Visual NAFTA and your individual secure user access is set up, you can hit the ground running with your new NAFTA and FTA compliance solution.

Quick Deployment: Since Visual NAFTA is web-based and vendor-hosted, no installation, deployment, or IT resources are required on your end. Very little training is needed and we can even help pre-load any data you may want and want have available. Data integration, if needed, can be executed at any time.

Good for Single or Multiple-Site Companies: If you want to deploy the solution to others in your company, or more than one site, multiple plants, other divisions, or countries, we simply repeat steps 1-3 above—as fast or slow, and as many times, as you want and need.

Support Beyond Initial Activation Included:  Once you subscribe to Visual NAFTA, it doesn’t end there—we also provide ongoing Customer Service and Support as needed, free of charge, for any questions you may have. Again, if you choose to integrate our solution at some point down the road, our simplified interface methodology is easy to execute in a matter of days—not weeks, months, or years—and we will help you with setup then, too!

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