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NAFTA & Duty Relief

Leverage NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements for import and export duty savings.

NAFTA and other Free Trade Agreements can be extremely financially beneficial to your business, as they can provide you with up to 200% in savings via reductions in duties, tariffs, and Manufacturers’ Processing Fees (MPF).

Despite this strategic financial advantage, three out of four companies do not leverage the free trade agreements that may be available to them. This is due to the fact that free trade agreements have highly specific compliance rules that need to be adhered to and confirmed by all participants, as the penalties for improperly claiming a free trade agreement status of a product can be severe. Because of the risks, many choose to forego the benefits that FTAs can net them altogether.

But with Visual NAFTA, you get a comprehensive NAFTA and FTA solution that is not only easy to implement and use, but more importantly, can help keep you compliant while maximizing your cost savings. Contact us today to roll out Visual NAFTA and get the savings you deserve for your business!

Visual NAFTA is powered by eCustoms, the industry leaders and pioneers in the field of import, export, and cross-border trade compliance solutions.

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